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Starter Kits Now on Sale

IG Starter Kits
When you’re ready to step into the IG business, make it a successful endeavor with one of our Insulating Glass Starter Kits. They contain everything you need to start fabricating high quality insulating glass units. Best of all, you can now get them at discounted prices.

Insulating Glass Super Spacer Sealant Starter Kit: Comes with 300 ft. of Super Spacer® that adapts to all glass shapes and sizes.
Dual Seal Silicone Insulating Glass Starter Kit: Features two high performance sealants that can withstand intense weather conditions.
Deluxe Insulating Glass Hot Melt Starter Kit: Using a hot-melt dispensing machine, units can be produced within minutes.

Cold Weather Caulking

With Winter Around the Corner, Take the Guesswork Out of Cold Weather Caulking

Cold weather caulking can be tricky. There are several variables that need to be considered before applying a sealant in a cold environment, and not making the necessary preparations can lead to a bad bond. There are a few simple steps you can follow to ensure your caulking projects are a success this winter.

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Reduce Heat Loss and Increase Savings

Several insulating glass essentials are on sale to help you maximize profits on IG production this coming winter. Now is the perfect time to stock up!

Edgetech Super Spacer  

Edgetech Super Spacer®:

Allows simultaneous production of regular and specially shaped insulating glass units.
Edgetech Super Spacer

Insulating Glass Silicone Sealant:

Superior glass-to-glass adhesion and resistance to weather extremes.
Edgetech Super Spacer

Glass Thickness Lasers:

Calculates the thicknesses of several glass types including insulating, laminated, and bullet resistant glass.
  GM15 Manual  

IG 101:
Everything You Need to Know About Building IG Units is in Our GM15 Manual

The CRL GM15 Manual is your go-to reference guide for everything you need to know about assembling and installing your own insulating glass units. With diagrams, product solutions, term definitions, and step-by-step instructions, you’ll have the basics down quickly. The manual is ideal for first time fabricators, as well as experienced glaziers who are looking for alternate methods of production.
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