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U.S. Aluminum

Automate Your Business and Reinvent the Way You Quote

Storefronts Online
Storefronts Online is an easy-to-use design and estimating program that lets you quote aluminum storefronts, all-glass entrance systems, and curtain walls faster than ever! Storefronts Online expedites the bidding process, minimizes errors on estimates, and generates complete quote packages in a matter of clicks. We believe in this program’s potential to improve your business.

We’ve heard many success stories from customers who have automated the design and estimating process by using Storefronts Online. Now it’s your turn to save time and money! Get started by signing up for our free webinar, taking place Wednesday, May 3, at 8 a.m. PST. We’ll show you how you can bid more jobs in less time to increase your profits. All participants will receive a complimentary 30-day trial to Storefronts Online.

Add Long-Term Value to Your Company:
Storefronts Online features an intuitive, user-friendly interface that does the work for you. We’ve seen firsthand how this program has helped companies turn new staff into capable estimators. It’s like hiring a senior-level estimator without adding costs to payroll! For added convenience, you can access the program on the job site with your mobile device.

Materials and Costs

Optimize Material Fabrication for Higher Yields:
Storefronts Online determines the metal and glass required so you can instantly define your material costs and markup. It also optimizes material fabrication across multiple openings for higher yields and lower costs. Lastly, it provides fabrication details, installation instructions, and glass sizes with installation charts. You can order materials directly through the program for a complete turnkey solution.


Reduce Costly Errors on Estimates:
Storefronts Online follows a step-by-step process that ensures nothing is overlooked. The program will issue warnings if your system is out of specification. As you design your curtain wall, storefront, or entrance system in real time, only applicable options and configurations will be displayed.

Bid Package

Create a Complete Bid Package Instantly:
One of the best features of Storefronts Online is that once you’re done with your project, it will generate a professional bid package with just one click. The bid package will include 3D renderings, elevations, a parts list, and it will be personalized with your logo and contact information, ready to present to your client.

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