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The CRL DRX™ Modular Door Rail System is a revolutionary dry-glaze door rail solution specifically designed to deliver maximum flexibility and customization with minimal lead times. The patented, modular system deconstructs a standard door rail to offer greater control over when, where, and how door rails are installed.

Two individual DRX™ door rail bodies are secured to the glass panel, no matter the length. Side covers and end caps are easily attached during or after door installation. This break-through innovation provides versatility, faster lead times, and easier on-site installation.

Components & Installation

The CRL DRX™ Modular Door Rail System uses independent component parts that provide flexibility when ordering and installing door rails. Door rail bodies can be moved along the glass to accommodate standard or custom lengths.

  1. Door Rail Bodies (10-1/2" wide)
  2. Adjustable Slide Block
  3. Side Covers (cut to length)
  4. Gaskets
  5. End Caps

Features & Benefits

Because of its modular approach, the DRX™ system offers multiple advantages to glass temperers and glazing installers alike, from streamlined production schedules to faster lead times on custom door rails.

  • Allows +/- 2 degrees of angle adjustment for precise alignment
  • Rail bodies come prepped for floor locks and Blumcraft® panic handles
  • 3/16" (5 mm) of side-to-side adjustment in either direction
  • Side Covers can be slid on and off without removing the door from the pivot

Performance & Specs

The CRL DRX™ Modular Door Rail System utilizes a proprietary Jaw-Lock mechanism that delivers superior glass clamping strength, able to withstand a pull force test of up to 1300 pounds. Side Covers are also 3/16” thick to effectively resist denting from impact.

  • Tested to 500,000 cycles
  • Durable aluminum 6061-T6 construction
  • Rail bodies can be used as patch fittings
  • Compatible with floor locks and Blumcraft® panic handles
  • 4" square and 4” tapered side covers available
  • End Caps feature glass protectors
  • For 3/8" to 3/4" monolithic or laminated tempered glass

Available Finishes:

Satin Anodized, Black Bronze Anodized, Black (Semi-Gloss), Matte Black, Brushed & Polished Stainless Steel Cladding, Satin & Polished Brass Cladding