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Our exclusive line of Premium Shower Door Sliders is designed to elevate the look and function of shower enclosures to transform an ordinary bathroom into an upscale oasis. The line includes Brixen, Cavoli, Colonia, and Tofino—all crafted from durable 304 grade stainless steel and extensively tested to 20,000 cycles to ensure lasting performance.

Premium Shower Door Sliders take aesthetics a step further by reducing visible hardware and concealing all screws. This creates a distinct and sophisticated visual that conveys timeless elegance. Brixen, Cavoli, Colonia, and Tofino sliders are available in attractive satin brass, matte black, brushed bronze, polished stainless steel, and brushed stainless steel finishes.

Brixen Double Bypass Slider:
Rectangular-Shaped Twin Header

  • Concealed screws on track and rollers
  • Ultra-slim door stoppers attached behind track
  • 2-way adjustability of wall bracket for easier installs

Brixen in Motion

Concealed screws and ultra-slim door stoppers make our new premium Brixen double bypass shower door slider stand out from the rest. Take a look at its timeless elegance here:

Single Sliders

Cavoli Single Slider:
Rectangular-Shaped Single Header

  • Covers conceal set screws
  • Low-profile door stopper reduces visible hardware
  • 2-way adjustability of wall bracket for easier installs

Colonia Single Slider:
Round-Shaped Single Header

  • Adjustable L-shaped mounting block simplifies installation
  • Reduced fixed panel fitting and roller
  • Beauty caps conceal roller screws

Tofino Single Slider:
Oval-Shaped Single Header

  • Design coordinated component parts create streamlined look
  • All concealed screws
  • Narrow door stopper sits behind header