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Glass Door Handles & Accessories

Choose CRL for our selection of glass door handles and accessories in various fits and finishes. Shop our most popular pull handles, including ladder, straight, and offset handles. In commercial settings, ladder pulls are pivotal for enticing grand entrances in office complexes and hotels, offering both a secure grip and a sleek, modern aesthetic. These door handles also find utility within interior glass partitions, adding functionality and style. Straight pulls excel in minimalist office designs, adorning interior doors for a seamless, modern look. They are common in retail environments for staff areas. Offset pulls, with their polished and aluminum finishes, shine on glass storefronts, enhancing their appeal and usability. These pulls are also a popular glass door handle choice for hospitality settings, hotel room doors, and restaurant entrances, blending ergonomic design with welcoming aesthetics.

CRL door handles offer a wide variety of specialized solutions. Our locking ladder pulls offer heightened security without compromising the sleek, contemporary design, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. The elegance of curved and 'V-shaped' pulls adds a distinctive touch to interior spaces, while our push-pull combinations seamlessly blend convenience and style. Continue to browse our entire collection of glass door hardware, including push/pull indicators, pull bars, and glass door accessories, each tailored to elevate your space's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Create an inviting, functional, and visually appealing space with glass door handle hardware from C.R. Laurence.