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All Products: Architectural & Glass Hardware

Metropolis Post Windscreen System

With an ultra-slim 3/4" face trim, the CRL Metropolis Post Windscreen System produces expansive glass spans that deliver seamless transparency and contemporary elegance while meeting code requirements.


Cielo Post Windscreen System

The CRL Cielo Post Windscreen System is designed to enhance outdoor experiences by combining optimal structural performance while producing virtually unobstructed views.

All Architectural & Glass Hardware Products

Explore our comprehensive range of glass and architectural hardware products at CRL. Discover the elegance of our railing systems & windscreens, designed to enhance any balcony or patio, and our glass entrance & interior systems, which combine aesthetic appeal with functional efficiency.

Transitioning from the broader architectural features to specific functional enhancements, upgrade your commercial facilities with our high-quality shower hardware. With your commercial bathroom facilities enhanced for durability and style, extend this quality to the rest of your property. Enhance both residential and commercial settings with our durable door and window hardware. Once you have selected the perfect door and window hardware for your projects, ensure you have the right tools. Our glazing tools & supplies provide essential items for installing and maintaining glass systems, promoting longevity and performance.

With the right tools to ensure proper installation and maintenance, you can further enhance your projects with our architectural metals, which offer versatile solutions for construction or design projects, integrating strength with aesthetic appeal. As you consider our architectural metals' structural and aesthetic contributions, explore how our hospitality & display systems are ideal for creating inviting and functional public spaces.

Beyond enhancing the visual appeal and functionality of public spaces, it is crucial to secure and manage these environments effectively. Our service & security systems are equipped with advanced technology to ensure reliable performance and safety for all your spaces. At CRL, we are dedicated to supplying well-respected brands, ensuring each product meets our standards of quality and reliability. Explore the variety of architectural and glass hardware products at CRL and equip your projects with dependable products today.