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Glass Door Stops & Holders

Enhance the security and longevity of your doors and walls with an array of glass door stops available at C.R. Laurence. Our comprehensive range meets your glass door and window hardware needs, whether you're seeking a door-mounted stop like a kick-down door stop, a wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or overhead option, or even specialized architectural glass door holders. Each piece of hardware, from sleek door stops and holders to durable glass door stoppers, enhances functionality, preserves aesthetics, and safeguards doors and surrounding structures in diverse commercial environments.

Kick-down door stops offer hands-free operation and shields walls from door damage, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. Wall-mounted stops prevent wall and door wear, attaching directly to the wall, making them an excellent choice in areas with limited floor space. Choose overhead stops discreetly installed at the door's top to maintain chic aesthetics while limiting the door’s swing. These stops are an excellent choice for security purposes and architecturally sensitive locations. Alternatively, opt for our floor-mounted stops, anchored for stability, to protect both doors and floors from damage, making them particularly useful for heavier doors and areas prone to impact.

Additionally, explore CRL's assortment of glass door holders, which are ideal for securing doors in an open position, ensuring they stay firmly held without closing unexpectedly. These holders prove especially beneficial for commercial doors in high-traffic areas or during deliveries, maintaining accessibility without the door closing inadvertently. Choose CRL’s commercial door stops and holders to perfectly complement your glass storefront doors and other essential glass door parts.