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Discover CRL's extensive selection of high-quality shims designed to meet various glazing needs. A shim is a thin, often tapered piece of material used to adjust and align glass panels within their frames precisely. Made from materials like plastic, metal, wood, or composite, these glass shims provide even support and proper spacing to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction, ensuring the structural integrity and level installation of windows, doors, and other glass fixtures.

Our selection features durable plastic shims, including specialty plastic horseshoe shims for challenging installations, and robust aluminum horseshoe shims for heavier applications. We also offer versatile plastic shimstrips and traditional wood shims, which are known for their flexibility and ease of use across both temporary and permanent placements.

Whether you need door hinge shims for precise adjustments or window shims for a perfect fit, CRL offers a variety of styles and sizes, including tapered, u-shaped, and long shims. Our flat plastic shims are ideal for wall shims in glass bifold doors, ensuring a secure fit.

Explore our full range of glazing shims within our broader collection of glazing tools. Don’t forget to check out our extensive collections of shower hardware, door and window hardware, and architectural metals, each designed to complement your projects with high-quality, durable components.