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Butt & Continuous Door Hinges

Discover CRL's comprehensive range of butt door hinges and continuous hinges crafted for reliability and endurance. Butt hinges stand as a testament to durability, making them ideal for heavy doors or high-traffic areas due to their sturdiness and classic, reliable design. CRL offers a diverse selection to browse for your commercial entryway needs. Choose popular ball-bearing hinges for heavy commercial doors needing both smooth operation and durability, such as those commonly found in shopping malls. Pick commercial plain bearing hinges for standard commercial doors requiring consistent functionality. Opt for commercial spring hinges suitable for self-closing applications like fire doors. CRL also offers residential ball-bearing hinges, perfect for achieving smooth operation in residential settings.

Continuous hinges provide uniform support along the entire door length, enhancing security and longevity while ensuring seamless functionality. This seamless distribution of support makes adding a continuous hinge on doors a preferred choice for various commercial applications. CRL's range includes roton hinges, which are engineered for heavy-duty commercial settings like schools and hospitals. Opt for versatile surface hinges for a wide range of commercial doors. Concealed hinges are ideal for modern architectural designs and offer a clean, hidden hinge option. Every hinge in our collection showcases meticulous craftsmanship, enhancing functionality and elevating your space’s overall aesthetics. Choose CRL's high-quality hinges for enduring durability and heightened visual appeal and to complement your other glass door hardware.