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Sneeze Guards

Elevate the safety and hygiene standards of any establishment with our comprehensive range of sneeze guards designed to prevent the spread of germs and maintain sanitary conditions. Made from glass or clear acrylic, these sneeze guards provide essential visibility and transparency, fostering open and inviting interactions in food service areas, checkouts, and public counters.

Our selection includes versatile glass sneeze guards and acrylic sneeze guard panels, perfect for food service applications like buffets and coffee shops, where sneeze guards for food safety are a priority. Sometimes referred to as food shields, these sneeze guard systems provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining hygiene and safety in food service environments. Our designs, featuring durable sneeze guard posts and various configurations, enhance functionality and blend seamlessly with your décor, ensuring each sneeze guard is both a protective feature and a style element. Our sneeze guard hardware, including customizable brass posts and angled guard designs, ensures straightforward adaptation to any space.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our sneeze guard solutions are built for durability and ease of maintenance, suitable for meeting commercial standards and providing sustained protection in high-traffic areas and busy environments. Shop now for CRL sneeze guard products and enhance your establishment's safety and style with industry-leading hardware. Explore more of CRL’s architectural and hospitality solutions, as well as our advanced glass entrance and interior systems and stylish, sturdy door and window hardware.