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Blumcraft® Railings, Gates, & Smoke Baffles

Leading the way in style and innovation, Blumcraft® railings, gates, & smoke baffles provide stylish, safe, and secure railing systems for commercial spaces. Choose Blumcraft® glass handrails for stairs for a modern, sleek look that allows light to flow freely through space. These handrailing systems pair perfectly with frameless glass balustrades for a cohesive and fashionable styled space. With their chic matching components and unparalleled design and quality, you can find Blumcraft® Free-Standing Gate Systems installed in some of the most prestigious buildings in North America.

Smoke baffles for glass railing systems, like the Blumcraft® SB200 Smoke Baffle System, are used to control and contain the movement of smoke within a building in the event of a fire. Glass smoke baffles limit the spread of smoke and aid firefighters in their ability to locate and access affected fire areas and implement fire containment. Many large retail areas and offices have fire codes that require smoke baffles to make the areas monitored by smoke detectors smaller and more manageable to monitor. No matter what component of a commercial glass railing system you need, Blumcraft® has you covered with its sleek, safe, and smart products.