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Vision Lites, Louvers, & Kick Plates / Rail Adaptors

With CRL’s door solutions, such as vision lites, louvers, and kick plates, you can quickly and easily convert plain stock doors into custom entrances. Our range of architectural door accessories transforms ordinary doors into exceptional entryways. Whether you aim to enhance natural lighting, improve ventilation, or protect your doors from wear and tear, our selection of door modification components offers the perfect solution.

Vision lites are not just a detail but a necessity for many spaces, providing safety and visibility without compromising aesthetics. These inserts allow for light permeation and visibility, ensuring that every entrance meets functional and safety standards. Glass louvre doors, on the other hand, bring fresh air to any room. Louvers ensure optimal airflow while maintaining privacy and security. Available in various sizes and styles, they are perfect for integrating into existing doors or as part of a new installation, enhancing your space's utility and appearance.

Protect your doors from the inevitable wear and tear with our robust glass door kick plates. These metal and architectural glass kick plates are engineered for resilience, guarding against scuffs and impacts and extending the lifespan of your doors while adding a sleek, finished look. Ideal for high-traffic areas, they offer both protection and polish, ensuring your doors remain pristine for years to come. CRL's door modification parts, including rail adaptors, further extend the functionality and compatibility of our offerings, making it easier than ever to upgrade your doors. Whether retrofitting an existing door to meet current standards or designing a new entrance, our accessories provide the flexibility and quality you need.

Choose CRL for architectural door accessories that blend style, functionality, and innovation. Paired alongside our glass railing systems and interior systems, make every entrance a statement of sophistication and practicality.