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Window Sash, Division Bars, & Accessories

Elevate the quality and functionality of your window projects with our comprehensive range of sash bar and division bar window accessories. Window sash bars and division bars offer an opportunity to enhance the visual appeal of windows while reinforcing their structural integrity. They contribute to improved insulation performance, soundproofing, and energy efficiency when you select the proper division or sash bar. These window accessories are particularly popular for secondary glazing sash windows, commonly found in updated windows from older, historic buildings, and can be used effectively alongside storm sashes.

Our extensive collection includes snap-in sashes and deep division bars with vinyl, all designed to enhance your window projects by combining quality, aesthetics, and functionality. Whether you're working on traditional sash windows or modern double sash windows, we offer a diverse range of solutions for smooth operation and enhanced security.

Explore our selection of window sash and division bar accessories, including options such as sash glazing clips and division bar anchors. Our product range encompasses rich, dark bronze anodized to chic, clear anodized finishes. Whether your preference leans toward a classic or contemporary look, choose CRL to fulfill all your window hardware needs, elevating both aesthetics and performance. Complete your glass projects with finesse by pairing CRL's sleek sash and division bars with our chic windscreens and glass entrance systems, ensuring a seamless and sophisticated look for your architectural designs.