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Anti-Walk Blocks & Centering Springs

Explore our specialized range of anti-walk blocks and centering springs, designed to ensure stability and precision in your glazing projects. Our sturdy anti-walk blocks for glazing secure glass panels in their frames, preventing movement or 'walking.' Whether you're using standard walk blocks or our specialized anti-walk block insert tool, you can achieve a perfect fit every time.

Transitioning from stabilization to precise alignment, centering pin leaf springs are another indispensable tool in our arsenal. These specialized springs provide exact positioning and are designed to maintain centered positions in assemblies, which is particularly useful in scenarios where consistent operation and wear prevention are critical. In general, centering springs are essential for the uniformity and structural integrity of the installation, fitting within the U-channel and allowing for exact placement prior to applying sealants.

Centering springs are crucial for maintaining proper alignment of glass panels within their frames, applying gentle yet firm pressure for precise positioning before sealing. CRL offers centering springs ideal for glazing applications where panels may be thinner than the channels they are set into. Our springs prevent rattles and ensure that the glass or plastic is evenly positioned within the channel, providing a stable base for sealant application. These springs accommodate various glass thicknesses, ensuring versatility across different project types.

Explore our comprehensive range of glazing tools and discover how our products can be seamlessly integrated into your projects. Additionally, delve into our other high-quality categories, such as door and window hardware, railing systems, and architectural metals, each designed to enhance and complement any construction or renovation project.