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The CRL Unitized Glass Railing System introduces an entirely new and more efficient way of fabricating and installing glass railings. The benefits begin in the manufacturing process, where base shoe units are glazed in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, then shipped to the jobsite, ready to install. This saves project stakeholders time and money.

Precision engineering, quality components, consistency in production, and meticulous inspection in a controlled factory environment produce enhanced aesthetics. The Unitized Glass Railing System offers long, uninterrupted glass spans with minimal vertical breaks. The glass arrives perfectly plum and leveled within the base shoe unit to provide precise sightlines.


Simplified 2-Step Installation

The Unitized Glass Railing System can be installed in two easy steps. Simply set glass railing units into core-drilled holes, attach the prefabricated cap rails, and you’re done. This highly efficient installation method expedites project completion and reduces on-site labor costs because the unitized system can be installed 40-50% faster than standard glass railing systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Expedites project completion and reduces field labor costs
  • Provides enhanced aesthetics and uninterrupted glass spans
  • Ideal for balconies or where long runs of glass railings are needed
  • Utilizes patented TAPER-LOC® Dry-Glaze System to secure glass
  • Custom-made to specifications and meet local codes
  • Eliminates material waste and qualifies for LEED credit
  • Accepts laminated and monolithic tempered glass
  • Increases installer safety and reduces on-site clutter

For Architectural Specification Support

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