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Spray & Touch-Up Paints & Painting Tools

Discover CRL’s comprehensive range of paint and painting tools at CRL for all your glazing project needs. Whether you're looking for precision in touch-ups or broad coverage, our selection, including spray paints and touch-up solutions, is designed to meet the highest standards.

Our touch-up paint, available in convenient touch-up pens and spray formats, makes it easy to address imperfections on a variety of surfaces. Our paints are formulated for compatibility with various surfaces, including anodized metal, helping to ensure a seamless finish ideal for detailed touch-ups, even on metal rims and fixtures.

Choose a color-match spray paint like those featured in our selection of match-up paints for color-critical projects. Krylon spray paints, known for their durability and quality, provide options from matte black to a spectrum of colors suitable for diverse applications. Your work will last and maintain its professional look and integrity when paired with our selection of painting tools, including spray guns and 8-in-1 painter’s tools, ensuring aesthetic appeal.

Explore our extensive selection further, including innovative architectural metals, cutting-edge glazing tools, and sleek door and window hardware, to elevate every aspect of your work.