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Fabrication Machinery & Equipment

CRL has the glass fabrication machinery and equipment for any size company or job. Setting the foundation for all detailed work to follow, CRL carries a large selection of cutting tables and state-of-the-art glass cutting machines. Our range includes everything from versatile production tables designed for high-volume work to specialized transfer tables for smooth workflow and even tilting tables for ergonomic cutting angles.

Streamline your glass fabrication process with our selection of high-precision equipment: opt for a metal cutting table for crafting essential metal components, utilize a panel saw for accurate large-scale cuts, embrace wet sanders for dust-minimized finishing, select from various drilling jigs for perfect hole placement, or achieve flawless edges with a dedicated glass edge sander. CRL's range of glass fabrication equipment supports every detail of the glass crafting process, from initial cuts to final assembly. Our glass sanding and edging equipment plays a crucial role in refining the glass for further detailing or installation. These tools smooth edges and add aesthetic finishes, preparing the glass for its final form.

Enhance your production with our specialized insulating glass equipment, from insulated glass sealing machines that ensure airtight seals to hot melt dispensers for efficient adhesive application and muntin bars for adding aesthetic details or structural support between glass panes. Our lineup covers all facets of glass fabrication, including specialized tasks such as cleaning with glass washer equipment and assembling insulated units, metal fabrication tools for frames and supports, and precision aids like jigs to ensure comprehensive support for every project stage.

Discover how CRL’s machinery and equipment blend advanced technology with practicality for all your glass fabrication endeavors. To complete your projects, further explore the rest of our glazing tools, door and window hardware, and architectural metals.